This week, we’ll hold a peer-workshop to give each writer constructive and supportive feedback. This workshop is not to critique (or fix) polished work, but to supply further growth opportunity through this final collective exploration. Concepts and techniques processed together can be put into practice as we discuss our own writing. We can learn about the effect we're having on our readers by listening to early reader responses and having conversation about our process and writing. 

Any remaining questions will be addressed. 

Alida will moderate the workshop and send her feedback to writers as written comments.

Your pieces are available to download below. You can use the Track Changes feature in Word to make comments for each other. By turning it on, even if all you do is add a few remarks between a paragraph or two and add a note for the writer at the end, Word will automatically change the color of your text. This way, the writer will be able to easily spot any comments in the document. You will also be able to save your comments in the document and send it to the writer easily.

If you print and mark up by hand, you will need to scan your annotated document to send it back to the writer. This is fine, so long as your handwriting and the scan are legible.


These are works in progress and we are not interested in "fixes."

You should be encouraging. I hope you will be constructively critical, as well, keeping in mind these are unpolished works.

You may make suggestions in the form of "What if...?" Or "As I was reading, I wondered if..." Suggestions should open possibilities and raise questions. Suggestions should not be aimed at fixing, correcting, or straying from the writer's vision. If that's unclear, we can talk about it before the workshop. Mainly, it's about the spirit in which the suggested is intended, and we'll know it if we see it.

For the first 20 minutes or so, the writer will be a fly on the wall. Then the writer will join the conversation. We'll end with the writer's reflections on process and discovery, followed by any resulting conversation about the writer's reflections.

You will each have up to 1 hour for your workshop.

Please comment below if you have questions.

See you Tuesday!